Jazz Lounge

My passion for music moves me to experiment with different styles and genres, and Jazz happens to be among one of my favorite musical pleasures. It has an impressive reputation for captivating listeners with deep, soulful sounds, and strikes a particularly personal note with me as a performer. My job is to guide the listeners through an emotional and authentic musical experience. When the lights come down, I get filled with inspiration from sounds of the greats like Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, and Etta James, bringing them back to life through the sounds of my own jazzy twist. I’m grateful to have the chance to express this kind of creativity while touring around the world with Igor Butman and his Moscow Jazz Orchestra. While, I love every bit of music that I have the chance to create, jazz is an emotional outlet that continues to help me grow as a musician and brings many new experiences to my musical journey.


Events & Appearances

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